Dear colleagues!

In 2020, the world scientific community will celebrate  the 133th anniversary of the birthday of a brilliant scientist of the 20th century, Academician Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov.

Over one hundred years ago, N.I. Vavilov began his work at Saratov Higher Agricultural Courses. Saratov period in the life of N.I. Vavilov lasted a little bit over three years, but it was at this time that  Vavilov became the star of first magnitude in Russian science.
It was in Saratov where he completed his first fundamental work – the monograph <Immunity of Plants to Infectious Diseases> (1918), in which he laid the foundations of modern phyto immunology. In 1920, as a result of analysis of hundreds of thousands observations, N.I. Vavilov made and promulgated the discovery of the Law of Homological Series in hereditary variability. “Biologists greet their Mendeleyev!” – the discovery of a young professor, the head of the department of private agriculture and selection of the agronomical faculty of Saratov University was highly appreciated by his colleagues, in the same year in August he organized and conducted a scientific expedition along the Lower Volga, on the results of which he later published a monograph “Cultivated crops of <South –East> research institute “(1922).
Thanks to his unique erudition and personal charm, N.I. Vavilov created a group of persons having identical ideas and opinions about their scientific work. 14 of his followers left Saratov for Petrograd together with their leader and later became major scientists, employees of the All-Union Institute of Plant Industry. “A great ship needs deep waters> Saratov colleagues said with great sadness when parting with N.I. Vavilov, realizing that he could make much greater achievements.
In Saratov Vavilov was generally recognized as an outstanding scientist, but in Saratov his life was tragically cut short. The scientific community of the city seeks to perpetuate the memory of a brilliant scientist who devoted his whole life to science. In honor and memory of the famous scientist the cenotaph of N.I. Vavilov was installed at the main entrance of Voskresenskoye cemetery. The monument to N.I. Vavilov was erected in the center of Saratov city, and the street is called by his name.  Saratov State Agrarian University is named after N.I. Vavilov, and the students of the university proudly bear the honorary title of Vavilov.
In honor of significant dates within the framework of which the International Scientific and Practical Conference” Vavilov Readings-2020 in Saratov State Agrarian University,  will be held on November 24-25.

We invite you to take an active part in the conference.

Vice Rector of the FSBU VO Saratov State University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

D.A. Solovyev